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This game may be plain looking but it is fairly large and sophisticated rpg. You will start your escapade as Billy (actually you can chnage the name of your personality if you want). 1 day he goes to have a bucket of water from the river and while he is gone some evil monster burns his mansion and kidnaps his wifey! Ofcourse our hero will find some payback and the trip commences. Visit different locations, meet characters, capture and accomplish quests, defeat monsters and get better and nicer weapon and armor - everything you can do in large rpg games but also with some kinky content at exactly the same moment! Just do not skip tutorial part - it's a little bit importunate but it will allow you to understand basic gameplay mechanics rather than to stuck at the very beginning.
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This was a test to find out if I can integrate sound to some flash. It ends up I could!
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The story of Gender will continue in gig four: A insane Naighbour. You'll be playing as Jim and you are in the process of recieving treatment from sexologist Natalia to learn to channel your sexual urges. By way of instance your ex-lover is one of the superb techniques to channel your urge... as supreme as the wifey Abi. For more narrative details and sensual content you may want to check the former episodes by yourself. In this sequence you will have to go through the fresh day to your life and try deal with your sensual appetites once again... just do not forget to go to your lovemaking therapist after that! The game employs actual photos and videos of sensual models that with inclusion of dialog segments will bring the atmoshpere of all manga porn games on a new level.