3D graphics

Karyukai Part 2

This is a continuation of the story of beauty called Akimi, or rather - the next part of her experiences in the area of yakuza and sex industry in Japan. New exciting events await the alluring crumb with yummy forms in this part, and you'll become their opinion! This game has an intriguing gameplay - to carry out an action, you need to search together with the cursor for busy points. Having found the point, you must either click it one or many times, or hold the mouse in a particular path, holding the button . Also, the match is accompanied by fine desktop, and in the menu at the base of the display you can switch off the music and save. 3-d gameplay and graphics in the style of point-and-click quests will not allow you to get bored, and of course, here you'll find a whole lot of sex scenes involving these beauties.

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Horny Afternoon 4: Private Consultation

I trust you remember this cool Horny Afternoon match. That is currently 4th portion of this game and your job is to assist Wendy and Chloe in their sexual adventures. Now they're in the family mansion that is. Get and start your action.

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