multiple choices

Qora s Court – Elf Sex

This game is about a daring hero performing an improtant pursuit in certain magical kingdom. However, the game isn't about this big quest and rescue the kingdom - it is about what could happen to hero while he is on his way to his glory. And on his way that he will sexy elf tramp Qora. And she truly likes to play games because they turn her on... This time she wishes to play a game called"What is in my pocket?" . If you prepared to play with it with he rthen you should know that just one of three reaction options will allow you to advance the game while the other two will wind up in game over screen. So don't hurry and select your phrases sensibly in case if you'd like this elven cutie to reward you. And now she will reward you with a deepthroat oral hook-up... but youw ill have to win her before that!

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